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Wills, Tax & Estate Administration

Meet Charlotte Nock

We provide tailored advice to help our clients reach the best tax position possible in relation to taxes affecting property, estates, trusts or income in the following taxation areas:

Inheritance Tax (IHT)

Inheritance Tax can come into play during one’s lifetime, on death and in relation to trusts.

It is important to have a full understanding of the Inheritance Tax position of your estate during your lifetime so as to ensure you can take steps to reduce the impact of Inheritance Tax during your lifetime, on your death or during the life of a trust.

On death, if probate is required, you are obliged to complete an Inheritance Tax return as part of the process of applying for probate. There are a number of exemptions and tax allowances available to Executors of an estate when accounting to HM Revenue & Custom. Detailed knowledge of the exemptions and allowances available is key when reporting an estate for Inheritance Tax purposes so as to ensure that the correct amount of Inheritance Tax is paid, or no tax is paid if exemptions and allowances cover the liability.

Capital Gains tax (CGT)

Capital Gains Tax can be a complex area and our in-house tax team is happy to assist you in dealing with any capital gains tax issues and provide advice, whether in your capacity as an executor or administrator of an estate or as a trustee.

Whilst the majority of capital gains can be reported on an annual Self Assessment Tax Return, from the 6 April 2020 HMRC introduced legislation under which the sale of some UK residential properties which fall under the new HMRC regime, only have 30 days from the date of the completion of the sale to calculate, report and pay the capital gains tax due. We work closely with our Residential Property team in this respect and are experienced in helping our clients meet the statutory requirements within the prescribed deadlines.

Income Tax

Girlings’ experienced in-house tax team can help with income tax matters relating to the personal income tax affairs of an individual or income tax arising on an Estate or Trust. We can review the income tax position, and prepare and submit Self Assessment Tax Returns where appropriate on behalf of our clients. Our tax department can provide specialist advice on a variety of areas related to income tax whether this is on an ad hoc or ongoing client basis.

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For further advice on taxation issues, please contact us. Girlings has offices in Canterbury, Ashford and Herne Bay.

Our Experts

Charlotte Nock

Head of Department
Wills, Tax & Estate Administration

Lesley Rushton

Managing Partner
Wills, Tax & Estate Administration

Louise Wilson

Wills, Tax & Estate Administration

Ovid Busette

Senior Associate Solicitor
Wills, Tax & Estate Administration

Joshua Parton TEP

Senior Associate Solicitor
Wills, Tax & Estate Administration

Poppy Cooke

Associate Solicitor
Wills, Tax & Estate Administration

Sarah Geering

Senior Associate Solicitor
Wills, Tax & Estate Administration

Katie Collis

Assistant Solicitor
Wills, Tax & Estate Administration

Susan Jull

Wills, Tax & Estate Administration Executive
Wills, Tax & Estate Administration

Laura Harvey

Assistant Solicitor
Wills, Tax & Estate Administration

Natasha Boyd

Tax Technician
Wills, Tax & Estate Administration

Stephanie Stocker

Assistant Solicitor
Wills, Tax & Estate Administration

Sophia Wright

Wills, Tax & Estate Administration; Dispute Resolution

Charlotte Goodwin

Trainee Solicitor
Wills, Tax & Estate Administration

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