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Employee Terminations & Severance Negotiations

Employment Law for Businesses

It is an unfortunate fact that nearly all employers will have to deal with the termination of an employee’s employment from time to time.

We regularly advise employers on:

  • Dealing with disciplinary issues fairly, and effecting fair dismissals after following a disciplinary procedure where there is persistent misconduct or gross misconduct
  • Dealing with poor performance with performance improvement plans and procedures, and effecting a fair dismissal where performance does not improve
  • Dealing with frequent or long term sickness absences using a capability procedure and dismissing fairly where the employee is incapable of performing their duties due to illness
  • Dealing with other workplace problems, such as complete breakdowns in relationships, and effecting a fair dismissal for “some other substantial reason” (SOSR)

It is also often the case that an employer may wish to terminate an employee’s employment for other reasons - perhaps because relationships have become strained or because an employer doesn’t see a particular employee as part of the future of the business. Or it may be the case that an employer simply wants to avoid the inconvenience of a protracted, formal procedure, the risk of an unfair dismissal claim or adverse publicity when dealing with an employment issue. In such circumstances we can provide pragmatic advice regarding:

  • The potential use of a settlement agreement to terminate an employee’s employment and remove the potential risk of a claim;
  • How to hold discussions about termination of employment via a settlement agreement;
  • Dealing with subsequent negotiations
  • Advising on the appropriate terms of settlement

For further advice, please contact a member of our Employment Law team. Girlings has offices in Canterbury, Ashford and Herne Bay.

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