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Answers to the Antiques Quiz

Following the the Antiques Quiz at our Annual Reception presented by Tony Pratt of The Canterbury Auction Galleries (thank you Tony), please find below the answers:

Q1 With what City is this George III music rack associated?


Q2 What English timber is this Victorian stool made from?

Yew Wood

Q3 What was this 17th Century wrought iron item used for?

Rush burner (the rush was dipped in tallow)

Q4 What are these 16th/17th Century German stoneware wine flasks generally known as?


Q5 What would be stored in this item?


Q6 Where was this 19th Century satinwood and ivory writing box made?


Q7 What was the purpose of this 18th Century mahogany bucket?

Carrying plates from the kitchen to table

We hope you enjoyed the quiz.

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