Contesting a Will

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Disputes can often arise over the validity of a Will, the effect a Will has on family and friends and in cases where no Will has been made at all. Girlings has offices in Ashford, Canterbury and Herne Bay and has extensive experience of Contentious Probate acting for family members, executors and trustees in a wide variety of cases

Will disputes can have the ability to destroy relationships within the family for a lifetime. We always seek to achieve the most effective solution quickly and fairly in order that relationships, where damaged, have the best prospect of recovery and that the expense to the estate may be kept to a minimum.

'I can thoroughly recommend Girlings. I had a very tricky and emotionally draining probate case that had caused me much turmoil for six years. It was great to be working with a legal team which was not only very considerate but also proved to be highly competent in handling a complex probate matter.'

How to Contest a Will

The number of people seeking to contest a Will is on the increase and there have recently been some high profile cases. Girlings has extensive experience of Contentious Probate acting on a wide variety of often highly complex inheritance disputes and has a reputation for offering a sympathetic and supportive service.

We can advise and assist you with the following:

  • Seeking to prove a Will and administer the estate
  • Challenging a Will and its validity; Grounds for contesting a Will include mental capacity, undue influence, improper execution as well as other factors
  • A claim against an estate on the basis of a lack of reasonable financial provision for members of the deceased’s family or in certain cases, other people as well
  • Dealing with all aspects of matters before the Court of Protection
  • Disputes in regard to Trusts generally as well as property held in a Trust.

We Work With You

Taking the decision to contest a Will can be stressful and emotionally difficult but it is important to take legal advice as soon as possible. If you are considering contesting a Will contact one of our probate solicitors now for an initial discussion. Claims in respect of the provisions of an otherwise valid Will are time limited so early advice is essential.

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