Francis Elton

Consultant Solicitor Advocate
Motoring Offences
Motoring Offences and Licensing

A partner at Girlings for many years, Francis now acts as Consultant Solicitor Advocate to the Firm. For the first two decades of his career he practised both as a legal aid lawyer and for private clients.


His practice as a Criminal Lawyer is now exclusively for private clients.  His experience ranges from Murders to parking offences.  He has also represented both private individuals, and Limited Companies as their businesses grew – and some of these clients for decades.

He has been a member of the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law (ISRCL) in which capacity he was a member of a team that made a presentation on Diminished Responsibility in Murder cases to the American Bar Association.

He acted as Police Liaison Officer for the Kent Law Society with the Kent County Constabulary for many years.

Francis has presented licensing applications over many years for National Brewers and well known Local Institutions, as well as for Licensed Clubs and individual clients such as publicans, restaurateurs, off licences shops and local associations requiring to sell alcohol for a single event.

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