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Not for profit organisations are an important part of life and we have a good understanding of the obligations and challenges they face.

We use our experience and knowledge to deliver cost effective solutions for our clients. We recognise that if you work in the not for profit sector you will be looking for skilled, professional and effective advice to help you deliver the best possible service for your service users.


Charity Trustees – has your charity outgrown its structure?

Many charities, sports clubs, members’ clubs and other not-for-profit organisations operate as unincorporated associations.  Maybe you have operated this way for many years, or maybe you set up in this way due to the low initial costs and the informality and flexibility with which they can be run. However, a lot has changed in recent years and the law applying to charities has become increasingly complex.  As the charity or club grows and dealings inevitably become more complex, the informal nature of an unincorporated association and lack of a separate legal identity can cause problems and leave trustees exposed to the risk of incurring significant personal liability. Read more...

If your charity is considering restructuring or if you need further advice, please contact Jamie Bourne or Caroline Armitage in our Corporate and Commercial Team.

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We also work with schools, universities, further education establishments social housing providers and organisations  in the health and social care sector.

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