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Our fees for licensing applications and related timescales for these matters are listed below.   Please see our legal advisor’s profile page for full details of experience and qualifications.


All quoted prices exclude VAT

A straightforward application for an on or off license will cost between £1,500 - £2,000.  This fee is based on an hourly rate of £275. The fee applies to either an application for a premises license or an application to vary a premises licence.  However, If the application is or becomes more complex and/or extends to more than one type of licence (both alcohol and entertainment licenses), then an hourly rate charge of £275 will apply.

Our fee will include the following:

  • Taking your instructions
  • Advice on how you can promote the licensing objectives within your application
  • Advice on the type of plans required to accompany your application
  • Completing and submitting the application
  • Disclosure of your application to the responsible authorities
  • Organising the necessary arrangements for advertising your application.
  • Liaising with the relevant authorities which included  local authority departments to identify their requirements
  • Liaising with the police to establish if they have any objections

As a guide:

  • An application of medium complexity will cost you in the region of £6,000.
  • An application of high complexity will cost you in the region of £12,000.


The following fees may vary depending on the individual premises and its location. The fees can also sometimes be higher than outined below and we will give you accurate figures once we have all the necessary information. 

As a guide, potential disbursements which may be incurred are:

  • The application fee which is payable to the licensing authority. This varies from £100 to a significantly greater figure depending on the fee band of your property.
  • The printing of any additional copies of plans required - £5 each
  • The fees payable to enquiry agents to display public notices -  £125
  • An advertising fee - £250

Minor applications such as variations of the premise’s supervisor and Temporary Event Notices will require less work and this will be reflected in lesser fees.


As a guide, based on the application being relatively straightforward and your being able to provide all the necessary documents promptly, the matter will usually take 12 weeks from receipt of your full instructions.  However, your matter may take longer if there is any delay in receiving the necessary documentation we require or if any interested parties strongly contest the application.

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