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Cohabitation Agreements

Gemma Purt, a Partner in Family Law and Family Law Solicitor, Curtis Wray explain more about a #CohabitationAgreement and why couples living together who are not married or in a Civil Partnership should consider making one.

There is no such thing as a common law wife or husband and unfortunately, cohabiting partners are not entitled to any special rights by law. It is therefore important to have some protection in place like a Cohabitation Agreement in case of a relationship breakdown.

Family Law Solicitor, Gemma Purt explains the legal position in regard to property rights, if one of the partners owns the home in which they both live if no Cohabitation Agreement is in place. She also explains how a #DeclarationofTrust can be used to protect a person’s interest in a property.

Family Law Solicitor, Curtis Wray looks at Schedule 1 of the Children’s Act and explains the position in regard to financial support for children should a cohabitating couple’s relationship breakdown and there is no Cohabitation Agreement.

As Gemma and Curtis explain, making a Cohabitation Agreement is straightforward and the agreement should be reviewed regularly as circumstances change.

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