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Severance Negotiations

The following clients stories illustrate our experience of managing and handling severance negotiations, including senior executive terminations and advising on Settlement Agreements:

Mr S - Chief Executive of a sports nutrition business

Following a restructure of the parent company, Mr S was offered poor severance terms to leave his position. With Girlings’ help, we devised a robust and effective negotiating strategy which effectively trebled the value of the deal on offer and ensured Mr S left with not only his financial position, but also his professional reputation, protected.

Mr P - Senior figure in a leading investment bank in London

Within days of resigning to move to another bank, Mr P was disciplined for the first time in his career. He had a clean disciplinary record and excellent performance reviews. The disciplinary proceedings threatened to stain his professional reputation and impair his ability to move to the new bank. With Girlings’ advice, Mr P was able to successfully defend himself in the disciplinary proceedings, putting together not only a strong witness statement but also compelling evidence from colleagues to rebut the bank’s allegations. This avoided jeopardising his professional reputation and a smooth move to the new employer and a successful outcome was achieved.

Redundancy Consultation

B limited is a real estate development company. Following the disposal of some key assets and constrictions in the real estate market, there was a need to reduce staff numbers in a manner which protected the business going forward. With Girlings’ help, we were able to guide the manager through the redundancy consultation process so the redundancies were affected fairly, lawfully and with the minimum of fuss and legal liability for B Limited. Every day during the process, Girlings’ expert employment advisers were on hand to support the key managers in answering the employees’ questions and managing the difficult and stressful aspects of the redundancy consultation process.

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