Meet the Team Series : Julie Smith


Meet the Team Series : Julie Smith

Over the course of the year, we will be spotlighting members of Girlings Solicitors' team, their backgrounds, roles, and unique perspectives, so you can get to know the people that are working hard for you.


Name:           Julie Smith   
Office:           Herne Bay
Job Title:      Chartered Legal Executive, Residential Property


What's your favourite activity to do locally and why?

Walking alongside the sea.  Even in the winter, I like to walk along the sea wall and watch the waves come crashing in.


What do you enjoy in your favourite breakfast that you make at home?

At the moment my breakfast consists of 2 weetabix with chocolate sauce.


Can you share three things about you that people might not know?

Nothing very exciting.  I have a Level 2 tap dancing certificate and always wish I had progressed this further, as in my head I am the next Ginger Rogers.  I am always doing something arty/crafty, but am too impatient to finish one ‘project’ before moving onto the next.   … I’m now too impatient to think about a third thing as I want to move onto the next question!


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Spending time with family and dogs, cinema, anything arty/crafty.


What would be your three top tips to someone who is buying a new home?

Find a good solicitor to guide you through, calculate your finances and get a mortgage agreement in principle.


What would be your three top tips to someone who is selling a home?

Again, find a good solicitor, find a good local estate agent, and then de-clutter and tidy.


What do you always carry with you to work? 

Snacks.  I never go anywhere without snacks!


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