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Many transactions with a foreign element require a Notary Public. Whilst notaries are often solicitors, it is a separate profession and regulated by the faculty office of the Archbishop of Canterbury rather than the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.


Our Notarial services are available at all of our offices - Ashford, Canterbury and Herne Bay.

Girlings has an arrangement with Notary Public, Chris Byrne, a partner with Girlings Solicitors for many years before he retired. Chris conducts his notarial practice independently from Girlings and is able to see clients at our offices or at your own premises when required. Chris is a member of the Notaries Society of England and Wales and provides a full range of Notary Public Services to both Private and Corporate Clients.

Chris Byrne's contact details: 

For more information, please visit
Telephone 01233 664 711/ 0774 228 9934
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Whilst notaries are often solicitors, it is a separate profession and regulated by the faculty office of the Archbishop of Canterbury

Common tasks undertaken by a Notary for Commercial Clients include:

  • Attesting the signature and execution of documents
  • Preparing and witnessing Powers of Attorney for use overseas
  • Certifying documents relating to companies registered at Companies House or in foreign commercial registers
  • Certifying copies of academic qualifications, passports and other documents
  • Assisting with documents required to set up a company abroad
  • Attesting tender documents and other documents which require to be signed on behalf of a company for use abroad
  • Administering oaths, affidavits and statutory declarations for foreign jurisdictions
  • Authenticating the signing of an acknowledgment for use in the United States of America
  • Presenting bills of exchange for acceptance and payment, noting and protesting bills in cases of dishonour
  • The preparation of a note of a shipping protest
  • Taking evidence in England and Wales (depositions) for use in foreign courts
  • Authenticating personal documents and information required for immigration or emigration purposes or when someone is applying to work abroad
  • Applying for legalisation of documents at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (sometimes called 'obtaining an apostille' ) and for legalisation from the relevant embassy

The preparation of documentation for Notarial action is formal and prior preparation of documents or draft documents may be required.

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