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Whatever the size and scope of your business, any delay in receipt of a payment due is unwelcome. We act as debt recovery solicitors for a wide range of clients, who find our fully computerised debt recovery and collection services speedy, efficient and cost effective means of recovering debts at all levels.

You start by providing us with the name and address of your debtor, the amount they owe and the date of your last invoice. We then send a debt collection letter before action, warning of court action if payment is not received within seven days. We also acknowledge your instruction to you. After seven days have expired, if no response is received, we then write to you asking if you wish proceedings issued. 

For these steps we charge £9.50 plus VAT. 

Up to this stage, any correspondence etc received from the debtor is referred to you. If you wish us to reply, or to become involved in telephone calls on your behalf, our hourly charging rate will apply. Should you not wish to take the matter further before proceedings are issued, then you are under no obligation to do so. 

You are in the best position to decide whether or not the debtor is able to pay. Where a genuine dispute is foreseen or emerges, or you instruct us to enter into correspondence with the debtor, the matter can be pursued through Girlings' Litigation Department. 

Should you not wish to take the matter further before proceedings are issued, then you are under no obligation to do so.

In these cases the fees charged will be on a time basis. 

If no response is received to our letter before action and you wish proceedings issued, once we have received your instructions we will prepare a claim form and send it to you for signature. At that stage, we ask you for the court fee payable on the issue of the claim. This is calculated on a scale depending upon the size of the debt. We will supply details of the fees involved when seeking your instructions with regard to the issue of proceedings, to enable you to decide whether it is economical for you to continue. 

Solicitors' costs for the debt recovery will also be added to the debt and, as with the court fee, will be recoverable from the debtor if recovery is successful. If we are unable to recover the debt, the fees will be your responsibility. 

If the debt is not paid after service of the claim form, judgement will be entered and enforcement action can be taken. Again, we will provide you with details of the various methods of enforcement.

Please see our Debt Recovery Costs information sheet for further details of our charges and the work we undertake.

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